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The tradition of planting fruit tree avenues along roads in Bohemia dates back to the reign of Maria Theresa (1740–1780). The tradition survived until the second half of the last century, with many avenues still preserved. Unfortunately, our region has seen a dramatic loss and death of such trees in recent years, as they have aged and been exposed to the climate change.

Within the group of companies belonging to G’s Group (Montano Valtr, Pěstitel Stratov, G’s Marketing CE, Pascual Polabí, Montano Květiny, Polabská Zelenina) we therefore decided to contribute to their renewal in the long run. In a joint effort, we have planted 311 fruit trees (150 apple trees, 1 plum tree, 70 cherry trees, 40 pear trees, 40 sour cherry trees, 10 walnut trees) – one for each employee; all the employees were welcome to plant their trees themselves. Mr. Karel Otava, the mayor of Lysá nad Labem, planted his own tree too.

This year, we have restored both sides of the tree avenue lining the road between Ostrá and the junction near the Lysá nad Labem bridge; we have also restored both sides of the tree avenue stretching between Stratov and Milovice. The walnut trees were planted on the hill just off of a country road connecting Milovice and Stratov. This is something that we would like to do every year. A special thanks for coordinating this project goes to M. Hořánková, T. Veselý and P. Kovář, among others.

This article was published in "LISTY Lysá nad Labem and surroundings 12/2020" on page 20