G's Czech

The company was founded in December 2000 as a trading company. 

At present, it provides for the marketing and sale of all the produce grown by the member companies of the G’s CZECH corporate group. This mainly concerns the products of Pascual Polabí (various types of leafy greens / lettuce) and of Pěstitel Stratov (onions, sweet corn, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc.). A very significant portion of the business consists in the sale of packaged vegetable and salad mixes produced by Polabská zelenina Přerov s.r.o. During the off-season of vegetable farming here in the Czech Republic (November through May), the company provides for trading of the products imported from our Spanish and UK affiliates. Most of the traded production is intended for retail chains operating in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

Official name: 

G’s Marketing Central Europe s.r.o.


Na Brůdku 459, Litol, 289 22 Lysá nad Labem