Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Prodej vánočních stromků: www.vanocnistromky-stratov.cz
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Stratov 185,
289 22 Lysá nad Labem
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 325 551 268
Fax.: +420 325 551 654

Ing. Tomáš Veselý

Arable crop manager:
Ing. Jiří Hlaváček

Onion manager:
Miloš Zuran

Dairy manager:
Ing. Jitka Smutná

Chief accountant:
Petra Benešová

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Pěstitel Stratov a.s.

The beginnings of this company go back to the 1950s. By a process of gradual merging and development, Pěstitel Stratov a.s. was founded in 1997. The main shareholder is now G’s Group Holdings CZ s.r.o. with a 93.7 % share. The main activities of the company are crop production and animal husbandry.

The business farms over 2 000 ha of land. More than a third of the arable land has irrigation facilities.

Crop production is particularly focused on the cultivation of cereals, potatoes and fodder crops. In the field of vegetable cultivation, the business specialises in growing onions. The onions are cultivated from perennial and mainly spring bulbs. The total cultivated area in 2012 is 185 ha. The onions are stored and processed in a store in Opolany which has a capacity of 4 000 tons. Onions from the young plants are sold directly from the field. Onion distribution is taken care of by the distribution co-operative G’s Pěstitel.

In the field of animal husbandry, the business specialises in the rearing of cattle for meat and the production of milk. Additionally, it also rears poultry.

Pěstitel Stratov a.s. was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of G’s BIO Pěstitel, s.r.o. This company engages in cultivating organic alfalfa, organic barley and organic wheat. To a lesser extent, it also cultivates a number of organic vegetable varieties.


Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
Pěstitel Stratov a.s.
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