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G´s Group Holdings Cz s.r.o.

G’s Group Holdings CZ s. r. o. was founded in April 2008. It was founded by English company G´s Marketing LTD and Zahradnictví Litol s. r. o..

G’s Group Holdings CZ s. r. o. is made up of businesses operating in agricultural production, fresh produce and sales.

Main production activities in 2012:
production of various salad varieties 320 ha
onion production 210 ha
flower production 120 mil. Kč / 3,6 mil. ks
production of vegetable young plants30 mil. ks
production of prepared salads 5 mil. ks
In these activities, our company is one of the largest producers in the Czech Republic.

The holding belongs to the Shropshire Group. This group of businesses is mostly engaged with horticultural production and is one of the largest European vegetable growers. It is mainly engaged in growing various varieties of salad, onion, spring onion, radish, beetroot ans cellery.

It operates in a number of regions in Europe:
  • In England Cambridge, the East Coast and Warwick
  • In Spain in the region of Murcia
  • In Bohemia – the central Elbe Valley
Our mutual goal is to supply safe, healthy and high quality fresh food.
Quality and fresh Czech products – G’s Group Holdings