G´s Marketing Central Europe s.r.o.
G´s Marketing Central Europe s.r.o.
Na Brůdku 459
289 22 Lysá nad Labem
Czech Republic

Přerov nad Labem 412,
289 16 Přerov nad Labem

Tel.: +420 325 565 295
Fax.: +420 325 565 295

Branislav Pavlík

Sales manager:
Jana Trizuliaková
+420 725 930 134

Sales manager:
Marián Záň
+420 702 204 902

Sales manager:
Andrea Chrastinová
+420 773 797 188

Haulage manager:
Michal Husak
+420 724 778 332

Chief accountant:
Jana Hyhlíková

G´s Marketing Central Europe s.r.o.

G´s Marketing was founded in December 2000 as an organisation dealing with sales. It currently takes care of the distribution of all vegetable products of the businesses incorporated in the holding.

In particular, it deals with the sales of Pascual Polabí s.r.o. products (various types of leafy vegetable, particularly salads) and the sales of onions and spring onions from the distribution co-operative G’s Pěstitel. It is also engaged in the sale of potted plants from Montano Valtr s.r.o. and Zaradnictví Litol s.r.o. production. Prepared salads prepared by Polabská zelenina s.r.o. makes up a significant proportion of sales. From November to May, the company handles products imported from our Spanish and English partners.

The majority of products sold go to chain stores operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, attempts have been made to extend the company’s operations to other, mainly Central European countries. Since 2010, the company has had permanent sales representation in Poland, and from 2011 also in Hungary.

G´s Marketing Central Europe s.r.o. sales activities

Obchodní aktivity

Basic company sales data:

Obchod For the year 2010/11
Total sold products 314 mil. Kč
Of which own produced salads 80 mil. Kč
Pre-prepared salads 65 mil. Kč
Potted plants 25 mil. Kč
Onions, including Spring 32 mil. Kč
Other local produce 22 mil. Kč
Imports - Spain 90 mil. Kč


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G´s Marketing Cz s.r.o
G´s Marketing Cz s.r.o
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